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Angry Ryu – alternate style

art, anime, drawing, street fighter, ryu

I decided to re-trace and re-color the Ryu I drew earlier today for Scratch Club. Went with a totally different color scheme because I wanted to do the painterly “throw purple in all the shadows” thing. Pretty happy with how the lineart came out but it feels a little less energetic than the sketchy version. Fun to play with a different style though!

- Yarr

Final Power Zelda

art, anime, drawing, final fight, power stone, zelda, cody, rouge, link

Scratchwork Topic: Final Fight, Power Stone, and Zelda

Time: 4 hours

Was sick and busy with other stuff last week so I missed the last bunch of topics. So here they are all combined into one epic. Cody from Final Fight in his Street Fighter Alpha costume, Rouge from Power Stone, and good ol’ Link. This was fun to make, haha

- Yarr

Resident Evil – brrraaaaaiiiinssss…..

art, anime, drawing, resident evil, jill valentine

art, anime, drawing, resident evil, chris, redfield, zombie

Scratchwork Topic: Resident Evil

Time: 6 hours

Still wicked sick. Wanted to draw Jill Valentine being attacked by crows but at the last minute decided to go with Chris Redfield kicking some zombie ass. I’ve been doing a lot of top-down lighting lately so I decided to try some lighting from below this time.

Resident Evil 2 is my fav game in the series (first one I played and the first game to ever make me have to pause and put my controller down to let my heart settle down haha), but I think Chris/Jill have cooler character designs than Leon/Claire so I wanted to draw ‘em.

- Yarr

Megavania…it was either that or Castleman.

art, anime, drawing, megaman, castlevania, simon, belmont, cutman

Click the pic for the full-size version!

Scratchwork Topic: Castlevania and Megaman

Time: 3 hours

I am awesomely sick so I missed out on the Castlevania topic yesterday because I pretty much slept through the day. So to make up for it, here’s Simon Belmont VS Cutman haha I wanted to do his chain-link weapon because I want to try some crazy chain perspective but time was tight and I’m about ready to pass out again so I didn’t get super adventurous.

- Yarr

Vega VS Zangief

art, anime, drawing, street fighter, zangief, vega

Click the pic for the full-size version!

Scratchwork Topic: Street Fighter

Time: All fucking day!

Using 3d for the background again…picked an angle that would make the gates cast shadows all over, but in retrospect it might be too much haha Zangief looks like a Spider-Man wanna-be or something. Pretty happy with how it turned out though…despite it taking forever to make.

- Yarr

Ken VS Yun

art, anime, drawing, ken, yun, street fighter

Click the pic for the full-size version! 

Scratchwork Topic: Street Fighter

Time: Like 4 hours for the BG, 4 more for the characters, I wasn’t really keeping track haha

Just trying out using a 3d program for the background line-art/shadows. Gonna’ try it again in the future fo sho!

- Yarr

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