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Day 13, finally a relaxing night!!

No assignment due right away so I decided to take tonight to just relax and doodle and catch up on some sleep!  It looks like we’re going to be focusing on finances pretty hardcore for a week or so.  No surprise there, since that’s probably the most epic section of importance.  We talked about the Break Even point in business, where you balance the books and finally the money coming in from your business is paying it’s own bills and everyone’s salaries and it’s basically sustaining itself…it’s broken even.  A milestone worth celebrating!

Of course breaking even isn’t good enough, got to set your sights higher and rock a profit!

I’m still designing projects that I can do super quickly.  I’d love to do a Christmas game of some kind just in time for the holiday season and all, but I don’t think I’m going to be running that smoothly by then.  We’re “launching” our businesses Dec 1st, but that might not actually involve working on any games yet, more launching websites and such for them.

I’m thinking designing and writing GDDs will take a chunk of time and I should be factoring that in to my dev time.  3 weeks might be more reasonable than 2 weeks…a week for writing up the design and planning it out with the programmer and a couple days of buffer time, then 2 weeks for the main game development.  We’ll see how it goes though, the first projects will be pretty simple till I get the process down and see where I’m at for money.  Ideally by the end of the year I’ll be developing month-long projects.

Okay sleep time!  Also the pic at the top is related to a game idea haha

- Yarr

Sword Swingin – rough animation

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Messing with character motion and some camera effects.  I was actually surprised the legs worked out nicely, haha  Wasn’t sure if the camera motions/blurring would be too much, but the more I watch it the more I end up digging it.

- Yarr

Black & White doodle

art, anime, drawing, comic, manga 

Just a quickie to keep myself doodling regularly!

- Yarr

Angry Ryu

art, sketch, doodle, anime, street fighter, ryu

Scratchwork Topic: Street Fighter

Time: 3+ hours of thumbnails trying to come up with an idea, 2 hours once I got one I liked haha

Angry Ryu! Grr! Attempting perspective. I was going to re-trace this one up inked nice and clean and do the colors painterly style, but I was roughing out how the colors would look and decided I liked it as a sketch with cel-shading.

- Yarr

Resident Evil – brrraaaaaiiiinssss…..

art, anime, drawing, resident evil, jill valentine

art, anime, drawing, resident evil, chris, redfield, zombie

Scratchwork Topic: Resident Evil

Time: 6 hours

Still wicked sick. Wanted to draw Jill Valentine being attacked by crows but at the last minute decided to go with Chris Redfield kicking some zombie ass. I’ve been doing a lot of top-down lighting lately so I decided to try some lighting from below this time.

Resident Evil 2 is my fav game in the series (first one I played and the first game to ever make me have to pause and put my controller down to let my heart settle down haha), but I think Chris/Jill have cooler character designs than Leon/Claire so I wanted to draw ‘em.

- Yarr

Spinning-Bird Kick – adding more

art, drawing, anime, street fighter, chun-li

Click the pic for the full-size version!

Adding flats, some blur to the legs, and Guile.  Got to come up with a background and do the shading and I want to have dust effects sweeping up from the ground below Chun-Li…all sorts of fun stuff.

- Yarr

Spinning-Bird Kick!

art, anime, drawing, street fighter, chun-li

Scratchwork Topic: Street Fighter

Time: Like an hour of thumbnail sketches picking out an idea, then 2 hours of fucking around and not making any progress, so I scrapped the re-trace and redid it from scratch. An hour or so later, this is the result, yay!

Totally got over-ambitious with this one, so all I’m posting up today is the line-art. Boo-urns! Got plans for this one, another character, a background, some blur/dust effects, all sorts of cool shit.

Any big issues with her that anyone spots, lemme know, there’s still time for me to fix ‘em before I keep goin’ haha

- Yarr

Just a quick doodle

art, anime, drawing

(description coming)

- Yarr

Rough Beat-em-up

art, anime, drawing, kyodai, thegame, tsugumo

(description coming)

- Yarr

Quickie Ken Doodle

art, anime, drawing, street fighter, ken

Click the pic for the full-size version!

Scratchwork Topic: Street Fighter

Time: 15 minutes

…so hungover…uhhhghghh…

- Yarr

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