Just had my first day of a 6-month streamlined 8-hours-of homework-a-night self employment business course with Momentum.  Got a ton of info driven into our heads, lots of warnings about how insane the workload will be.  Its like a long university course stripped down to the mandatory essentials needed to start a business, and then all crammed into a few months instead of a few years.

The class is small, there’s only 10 of us…but the students are all optimistic and friendly and the instructors are super-knowledgeable and invest a lot into each person’s business progress.

By the end of the course I’ll have a legally legit, fully-functioning game company, though it may just be a programmer and myself to start with haha  I have a logical 5-year plan for when and how I want to expand.  Ideally in a few years I’ll have a solid 10 – 20 people…15 is ideal, big enough to have a few projects on the go, but small enough to stay versatile and take risks when necessary.

This was only the first day of class but we were given a huge binder of really good thorough information covering the course from start to finish, and had a chance to ask former students of the program, now currently running successful businesses, some questions.  Lots of info to take in, but instead of discouraging me I’m actually psyched!  It’s nice to see everything all laid out in front of me so I have a core path to follow…it makes it all seem much more manageable!

Going to update this blog pretty regularly to keep track of my progress and have something to look back on in the future.

In the words of the Joker: “And here, we…go!”

- Yarr