Welcome!  You’ve stumbled onto YarrNinja, my personal blog.  I used to go by the alias Tsugumo.  If you’ve been around the pixel art community, you’ve probably seen my tutorial So You Want To Be A Pixel Artist?  I was also the guy that originally created the first pixel art forum, Pixelation (now run fantastically by ptoing).  I worked as an artist in the game industry at Big Blue Bubble for 4 years.

I’ve been doodling ninjas and making hobby games in my spare time since I was old enough to start plugging away on an old TRS-80 Color Computer.  I made one of the first well-known QBasic RPGs (called TheGame) and released a tutorial on how the engine worked for other people to learn from.  Eventually I teamed up with a programmer who went by the alias FrozenEmu and we made another QBasic RPG (called Untitled, clearly naming things isn’t my strong suit haha).

Over the years we made a handful of other small games.  We even teamed up through a friend with Flint Dille (yes, the guy who wrote episodes of a bunch of your favorite 80s cartoons…I don’t think he knew we were totally inexperienced young’uns developing the demo out of our parents’ basements at the time haha) to pitch a Transformers Game Boy Advance game to Hasbro.  At Big Blue Bubble I worked on a bunch of projects, but my favorites were Mage Knight for the Nintendo DS (here’s a behind-the-scenes art dump from the project) and Robotech – The New Generation for cell phones (this was before cell phones were as powerful as the iPhone, I swear this was impressive at the time haha).

These days I’m teaching myself Flash programming and planning to release some Flash games and would like to find an iPhone programmer and get into iPhone development.  If you’re an iPhone programmer looking to team up, give me a shout!

- Yarr