Man has PowerPoint been around for a long time, haha  I remember using it in high school.  I swear I actually become 50% sleepier the second I see a PowerPoint slide appear on a screen.  I don’t have Office so I just used OpenOffice Impress which does everything PowerPoint does.  We had to present our businesses to everyone today.  Everyone was super nervous but did good despite that.  It’s so weird that it’s only been 10 weeks since we were bright eyed bushy-tailed jobless bums…now we’re all business savvy cut-throat businesspeople haha  Or close enough to it at least.  It was also cool to see everyone else’s businesses because a lot of our details have been just beteween us and our coaches the last few weeks.

I got myself an iPhone 4 FINALLY.  I’ve passed by the Rogers’ store almost daily for like a month now and they haven’t had any iPhones.  Then I passed by and…there’s a robot??  There was a life-size robot that could move it’s arms, head, etc. and I swear it sounded like Dane Cook.  It was flirting with girls and making fun of guys and advertising that they have iPhone 4s finally in stock.  So I ran in and grabbed one and it’s pretty sweet.  My 3GS will just be for testing purposes now.  iTunes is weird for me to use as a PC guy, but man what a life-saver when switching phones.  I just plugged the new one in, synched it, and bam, it’s set up exactly how I had it before.

I was messing with Splice and iMovie for editing video on the phone.  I like the features of Splice more right now, you can control the audio level of individual songs/clips, and you can record a voiceover with the microphone…and it just looks pretty sleek.  But iMovie has cooler transitions/text stuff and can export HD video.  Splice’s next update will probably let it export in HD so we’ll see…either way it’s amazing that you can edit HD video on a little phone in your pocket.  I recorded some pre-drinking on a Friday night and in less than 5 minutes I was able to edit together a cool little professional looking video of us.  Really amazing stuff, I’ve never actually messed with video editing before but it’s pretty fun.  I figure I’ll need to do a lot of editing in the next while for doing game trailers and any behind the scenes stuff.  Neither Splice or iMovie on iPhone can touch iMovie on the actual Mac computers though…but if you were travelling and wanted to keep a videoblog and such without lugging around a computer, you could totally do it with this stuff.

I reserved a domain name and set up Twitter/Youtube/etc. accounts for Bulletproof Outlaws, so the net stuff is starting to get handled…there’s a lot to go still.  I’m going to set up a blog on it and will probably let this site go dormant and just sit here because there’s no way I’m going to be updating a personal blog as well as a gamedev blog.  Even art-wise, most of the drawing I do is going to be related to games I’m making or want to make.  Next up I have to go get the bank stuff all handled…I want to have a separate bank account for it, just to keep things organized.  Plus that way I can’t tap into my business money when I’m at the bar which I’m sure is a wise precaution haha

- Yarr