Shazam!  Business Plan officially done!  Bulletproof Outlaws is a go.  Why Bulletproof Outlaws?  Let’s go through the checklist from Day 34:


1) Gotta’ be able to verbally say it and have the person able to spell it on the first try.

If you asked what my site was and I shouted “!!” as I ran out the door, odds are you’d find it on your first attempt.  Even if I was drunk it would probably come out clear versus “super ninja death” which would probably sound more like “shoopernnnjadeth” after a few beers.


2) If it’s shortened it shouldn’t spell anything dumb.

…okay, well Bulletproof Outlaws becomes BO, aka Body Odour haha  I don’t mind though.  I’ll just make sure to abbreviate it as BPO whenever I can and hope that catches on, heh


3) Should be able to do something fun with the logo.

I like the look of the logo, but I’ll have to come up with something to do with it in-game.  I did a quick test of it stamped onto a wooden plank sign, which could animate based on the type of game…in a ninja game the sign gets slashed into pieces, in an action game it explodes, etc.  Not sure, I’d like to have a mascot character type deal to interact with it though.  I guess this’ll be something I tackle more when I get to the actual game development.  Might have a branding symbol of some kind, like you’d brand cattle with, but that represents our studio.


4) I’d like it to get across that we’re just winging things.

That’s the Outlaws part.  Bulletproof is that we’re going to be pretty hard to cripple.  We’ll be super small, our development costs will be low, and I’m funding this out of my own savings.  There’s not really anything that could happen that would obliterate us.  A few games might not sell, but we’ll just make some more.  Can’t stop a bulletproof outlaw from gettin’ ya haha


5) I want it to lend itself to a theme of some kind.

Going with a Western theme, clearly.  Figure this could be fun.  Our avatars can have black hats and masks and stuff, they can be on Wanted posters as our blog profile pics, lots of stuff.  Someday there will be booth babes in burlesque outfits hehe

Today we covered sales.  It was more based around face to face selling than what I’ll be doing, but it was interesting info in general.  The big key to selling a product to someone is finding out if they’re Ready (they want to buy a new TV), Willing (they’re in your store and are considering buying from your store), and Able (their wife will let them blow the money on a new TV haha)…you do that by asking questions that reveal those answers.  If you’re missing one of those 3 things, then you’re wasting your time.  A customer might listen to you talking about all the features of the TV you’re selling for an hour and then go “ya, I don’t actually have that much money.” and you’ve just wasted an hour.  Same time it’s not all negative…if you’re selling a variety of products, and the customer is interested in something on your table at a trade show and it’s $150.  An amatuer will explain “But it’s worth $150, trust me, there’s FeatureA, B, and C!” but it doesn’t change the fact that the person isn’t willing to spend that much money.  A good salesman will go “How much are you looking to spend today?  Let me show you something from our $50 section instead!” and the salesman makes the sale, the customer gets something they want, and everyone’s happy.  I just find this stuff interesting from a psychology perspective haha

- Yarr