Most of today’s class wasn’t really relevant to a game studio.  There shouldn’t be any cold-calling, but networking is important.  I haven’t really started networking much yet because it’s so early in the process right now.  If a jillion people suddenly checked out this site, all they’d see is pages and pages of me blabbing…no pretty pictures or anything fun haha  So they’d just bail and maybe remember the name way down the road when I have something out.  Once I start working on the actual first project and have a blog for it with concept art and such, I’ll start getting more “networky”.

One of the big reasons I wanted to start this up is that it’s so low-cost to network and market these days.  In the early 90s you’d have to hope to get noticed at a convention you had to pay a ton of money to get to and set a table up at, and you’d have to work with a publisher to get enough marketing to get yourself in a gaming magazine…these days you can connect with people on Twitter, Facebook, message boards, etc. and review sites are all over the place.  This is a great opportunity to start something up for a small amount of money in comparison to the old days.

Working on finishing up my business plan.  I didn’t have much to change in it so it’s going pretty quickly.  The thing is 80 pages haha  It’s so weird to see it all printed out at once.  The final one is due Friday!

I hit up the bank to set up a business bank account but apparently I need to wait for something to arrive in the mail that they need…I can’t even keep track anymore, I’ve been filling out forms and applying for so much stuff in the past week or so that it’s all kind of blurred together.  I went to the license office and started filling out a form I thought I needed when I realized I’ve already filled it out before…somewhere…haha  Not sure where but it cost $45 so no way I was doing it again!  Keeping all this stuff organized is gonna’ be a pain, I just want to make games haha

- Yarr