Today was a quickie, we had a guest speaker talking about risk management.  She covered the different areas to worry about risk and having contingency plans and such.  So like a Property Risk might be losing my laptop…the fix for that being not leaving my laptop sitting around when I go to the bathroom.  People won’t leave their wallet on the table at a restaraunt when they go to the bathroom but they’ll leave their laptop  that could have their entire business contained on it.  Another way of managing that risk is keeping my data backed up “in the clouds” on a service like Dropbox.

A risk with contracting people for work is that they may vanish randomly mid-project, so I want to make sure I have up-to-date versions of the files and code myself incase I have to pass them onto a different programmer in an emergency.  I’m sure there’s a way to automate all that with an SVN program so it should be fine.  On the flip side, a risk of having employees is that they might leave to work elsewhere, so to manage that I want to make sure I have incentives that make working with me too awesome to want to bail, haha

I also want to make sure I can remove myself as a chokepoint as soon as possible…at the start everything will have to go through me, from sending/organizing contracts, to making sure people get their money, to submitting the final games to Apple, to organizing testing, to writing the GDD, to updating the blog, etc. etc.  That won’t be bad at the start when we’re making super short tiny games, but down the road that’s going to be super inefficient so I’ll have to figure out what parts of that I can automate or outsource so no one has to wait on me to catch up and I get as much time to work on game art as possible.

I’m already a pretty paranoid guy right from the start so risk management is something I do naturally.  I always go by “Hope for the best, plan for the worst” haha  I figure stuff WILL go wrong, that’s how life goes…so if you can at least be aware of most of the possible problems, you can plan to prevent them or at least minimize the loss.  Once again, running a business appears to simply be common sense!

- Yarr