Discussed our business plans one on one with our coaches.  I didn’t have too many changes to make to mine, but I wasn’t expecting to…I’ve been good about making sure I revise things that need revision throughout the course and tightening up the “this doesn’t NEED to be fixed, but if you want to add a bit more to this it wouldn’t hurt” bits.  I don’t feel like I’ve really used my coaching sessions to their full potential because I haven’t had a lot of questions or problems with anything so far.  So this week I decided to write my next week’s worth of tasks down in the session (registering for a GST number, opening a business bank account, etc.) and next week my coach will just go through it and ask me if I’ve done the tasks…basically just holding me accountable for getting shit done haha

Got to make a few more changes to the plan this weekend for Monday.  Fun fun!

- Yarr