We had to submit the draft of our business plans today.  Much fun!  The way this course is structured, all the assignments we’ve been doing are actually parts of the final business plan, so at the end we just combine them together with some minor touch-up and bam, business plan.  Mine is like 80 pages long, it’s ridiculous haha  I have a huge section for marketing.  My poor printer has been rocked ink-wise, I’m going to have to buy a new cartridge…but it IS pretty cool to have it all printed out in physical form.  Makes it feel more legit, and has a little more “in your face” weight flipping through it than holding PageDown in a word processor.  I can see why some writers still dig using typewriters and stuff.

We get these back with revisions that need to be made in a couple days, then submit it again, get it back again with any final changes, then submit the final one.  End of the month we officially “launch” and I get to finally start the fun stuff (writing GDDs and making concept art)!

In class we covered some more inner mental philosophical stuff.  Re-framing things (“this is not a problem, it’s a cleverly disguised opportunity”) and the importance of having positive thought loops in your head instead of beating yourself up all the time, which a ridiculous amount of people do.  We’re brought up in a society that says “Let’s try to fix what’s wrong with you.” instead of “Let’s focus on what’s awesome with you.”  Growing up you’re supposed to get straight As across the board in school…that’s a lot of frustration for a kid who wants to make videogames and knows there’s really no practical reason to get an A in his Biology class when he could be working on his art class project instead haha  I think the reverse applies too though, if you’re a math type and you struggle with artsy fartsy stuff, fuck art, focus on number stuff.  Sure it’s nice to be well-rounded, but you have the rest of your life to dabble in other things that pique your interest.

I’m in a good spot mentally for all this.  I tell myself I’m awesome all the time, haha  My E-Mail name actually comes up as “I am awesome.” when I E-Mail people.  I used to have a super negative outlook on things, but the last few years I worked on looking on the bright side of things and just learning not to get worked up over silly things.  If there’s a problem, just find a solution, it’s silly to waste time dwelling on how awful it is to have that problem.  My favorite example from class was:

“I have SO much work to do, this is going to take forever…  :(”


“I have a huge challenge ahead of me!  :)”

Even just saying those out loud, when you say the first one you get kind of a depressed impossible vibe  come over you.  The second one you get kind of a “bring it on!  Let’s DO this!” vibe.  It’s interesting how much our mental state can affect our day to day lives, both positively and negatively.  Take the positivity challenge and see how big a difference it makes!

- Yarr