Spent yesterday and today taking care of a friend in the hospital so I missed class today but it was titled “The Internet & E-Commerce”, so I figured I probably know whatever it was we were going to talk about so no biggie.  Brought my laptop and brainstormed some company names because I still totally don’t have one.  Main things I figured were important:

1) Gotta’ be able to verbally say it and have the person able to spell it on the first try.  “ya, check us out at bassbear.com” means the person might type in “basebear.com”, “bassbare.com”, “basebare.com”, all sorts of shit that isn’t right.  I found this one out with “yarrninja.com”, haha  it can be confusing if the “yarr” part isn’t spelled out or explained.

2) If it’s shortened it shouldn’t spell anything dumb.  AwesomeSauce Studios will end up as ASS in reviews…which is actually kind of awesome haha but still…

3) Should be able to do something fun with the logo, whether it’s having a mascot character or doing something with the logo itself.  Back in the Genesis days when characters would mess with the SEGA logo, that was awesome.  I wanna’ do stuff like that, haha

4) I’d like it to get across that we’re just winging things.  If everyone in the company digs a certain idea (whether it’s for a game or some office policy), then we’ll do it.  I don’t really want to work with publishers because you get locked into deadlines and restrictions and unexpected revisions and making games becomes stressful instead of fun.  The whole point of this thing is to have creative freedom and to actually enjoy the whole process, so I want something that explains right away “we do what we want”.

5) I want it to lend itself to a theme of some kind.  We’ll have cartoony avatars for blog updates and such, and I figure it’d be nice to tie the whole thing together with the logo/name and the avatar designs.  Down the road when I have a few people working with me, we’ll all be updating the blog so I’m planning ahead here ’cause at the start it’ll just be me basically, haha

So ya, I’m messing around with thesaurus and dictionary and domain name search things to see what’s available and what my options are.  I’ve been putting this off because I’ve always been bad with names haha  I used to name my projects stuff like TheGame and Untitled.  But I need a name to register and start the businessy stuff like getting a business bank account and business licenses and everything so this is top priority right now.

- Yarr