Halloween was awesome, but holy crap did it make doing today’s assignment difficult haha  I was up all night powered by two cans of Rockstar energy in like 4 hours.  I was on the bus to class wired as crap, txting friends that I could sprint to work haha  It’s been something like 30 hours since I’ve slept because when I got to class it turned out we had a morning class, an afternoon class, AND an evening class.  I spent 12 hours at the damn school ahhh!!  But I got my assignment done.  It was a lot of looking up numbers and stuff on how much freelancer’s charge for various things I’ll need, and what kind of business bank account to open and blah blah blah  I am so wiped I’m not going to be able to explain much more than that.  The bed is looking mighty comfy.  I’m pretty sure I fell asleep for a couple minutes in the class about credit loans because I glanced down and when I glanced back up suddenly the whiteboard at the front of the room was filled with writing haha

Got my assignment done though!  Now to SLEEP!!

- Yarr