I woke up and was all set to work on my assignment due Friday when I realized it wasn’t due until Monday!  Awesome!  So I used the day to catch up on naps and mess with miscellaneous stuff.  There was a point where I gave myself an hour to whip out a quick test interview editing questions together in iMovie just to see if I’ll be able to do it down the road and it took about an hour like I figured.  Those’ll probably just answer stuff like game features at the start, but down the road when there are a few people working together and people playing our games have questions we can throw together one of these to quickly answer a bunch of them at once.  I messed with an automatic lip-syncing script in After Effects which is pretty cool.  It means it wouldn’t be too difficult to have cartoony avatars syncing to the voices like the guys at spill.com do in their movie reviews (go watch ‘em by the way, they are HILARIOUS).  Just something that could be fun.  Ideally I’d like to have everyone in the company have avatars for updating the blogs and such with…just something people can relate “oh that’s an update by that guy, I remember that character” easily in their minds at first glance.

Also made my Wolverine claws for Halloween haha  This is gonna’ be a rough weekend in terms of getting my Monday assignment done!  Got a pub crawl to go to…it’s gonna’ be epic!

- Yarr