A lawyer came in today to talk to us about legal issues for small businesses…and there are PLENTY!  I took as many notes as I could, and tried to figure out which bits would be relevant to me but man does this stuff go over my head.  There are a few areas I definately need to fully understand, so I’ll focus on learning about them.  Stuff like contracting people to do work, paying them properly, keeping track of all that and how it affects taxes and GST (since this is Canada) and everything.  It’s not too bad, but it’s just stuff that when you’re sitting there drawing your ninja in a helicopter fighting a dinosaur wearing a top-hat you’re not really thinking “I’d better make sure I get a GST number so the government doesn’t come along and kick my ass 2 years from now when they notice I forgot that!”

 There’s also a difference between contractors and employees.  I’ll be contracting work for the first while, but down the road I’d like to switch to an in-house situation which may require making everyone employees.  I actually like the idea of everyone working on a contract basis, keep things nice and simple and uniform, and it allows people to reject a project and do other things if they want to take a break and pursue other projects.  I figure if the working environment is awesome enough, people will choose to stick around.  People are motivated by job satisfaction more than they’re motivated by money…at least in creative industries.

We also learned that if you’re going to fire someone, do it on a Monday because if you do it on a Friday they’ll go home and be alone and depressed all weekend and kill themselves haha  Also one of Taco Bell’s strategies when they started up was to open a Taco Bell across from any McDonald’s locations.  They figured the McDonald’s guys put millions of dollars into researching demographics and everything to choose their locations so why not just build where they build.  Smart!

- Yarr