Got my backpack back, with everything still in it!  I asked the guy at the Transit place if a driver turned it in or a passenger and he looked it up and it was some good samaritan who turned it in, awesome!  So thanks whoever you are!  It’s a relief to not have lost everything, I’ll be cuddling up with my backpack on every train ride from here on out to avoid this again haha

Today we covered marketing stuff.  Picking the right method of marketing and the importance of tracking that marketing and setting goals that can be measured.  “I’m going to put out 500 flyers and hopefully get some new customers” is not a goal.  “I’m going to put out 500 flyers in this specific neighborhood that has X demographic that fits my target and I’m going to get at least 5 new customers out of it” is a goal.  If what you’re doing doesn’t work, then don’t do it again.  If you hire someone to advertise for you and you get no calls out of it, then don’t advertise that way again.  A lot of times, since it’s their job to sell you on their service, they’ll say “Well you have to give it time, buy another month and you’ll surely see some results!”  Don’t waste your money, re-think your marketing strategy.  Sloppy un-focused marketing will burn through your money fast.

Picking the right place to market is key as well.  Am I going to pay a local newspaper $250for a full page ad?  No, that’s silly.  My market is world-wide.  What about paying an internet service $250 to send out my Press Releases to a bunch of gaming news websites?  Now you’re talkin’, that’s worth the investment.  Our instructor told us a story about one guy who was all happy he got a great deal on a provincial newspaper ad or something.  50,000 views around the province for like 1/4 of the normal price.  Well that’s super, except that he had a local business,which means his target market was more like 10 blocks in each direction from his store.  There’s no need for someone on the other side of the province to know about his local business…so even though objectively it was a good deal, it was logically a waste of marketing money.

Definately interesting stuff to think about!  I’m digging the whole concept of marketing, I think it’ll be fun to come up with ways to promote games even though I know it could become a large time-sink.  I’ll probably end up automating as much of it as I can…I COULD spend a few days mailing out Press Releases and collecting my own mailing list of news sites and such.  But would it be a better investment if I spent those few days working on an actual game and paid someone else some money to do that mailing for me?  This is where the “you have to spend money to make money” stuff comes from I figure.

- Yarr