I got my backpack!!  Or at least, it’s been turned in to the transit place.  They contacted me today and I’m going to go pick it up tomorrow.  WHEW!!!  What a relief!!

So this week we’ve entered “Phase 2″ of the course.  That means that we only have classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next few weeks.  Tuesday and Thursday we work on our business on our own.  This is a blessing and a curse.  The curse is that I do well in an environment where someone’s assigning me tasks and giving me a set amount of time to complete them, and I have to shower and put on pants and physically leave my comfy warm bed to go into “work mode”, so I’ll miss the structure of having classes every day.  The blessing side of things is that now I’ll FINALLY have some time to work on the fun stuff…setting up a website, designing a logo, designing games and characters, etc.

I keep a list on my phone of miscellaneous game ideas.  They’re anywhere from a couple words to a paragraph and just quickly describe an idea I’ve got in my mind.  Later on I’ll take these ideas and develop them further and see if I can turn them into something that’d make a cool game.  I’m hoping to keep this habit up all through the future and would actually like to have a company “treasure trove” of ideas where everyone in the company can submit ideas and we try to make the interesting ones into games.  I’m still trying to focus on extremely small projects but I naturally get more and more elaborate with designs so I end up with projects that I won’t realistically be able to make till later in the year if not the next year haha  I only really have 3 basic requirements for my game ideas:

1. It needs one simple core mechanic.

2. It needs lots of polish around the core mechanic.

3. It has to be fun to work on.

I want to put up concept art and screenshots and trailers and crap as I go.  I figure once I have that stuff I’ll attempt to get this blog noticed…right now it’s just me blabbing about financial projections and being tired in the morning haha  Bring people in too early and there’s no content to keep them reading so they’ll lose interest, bring them in too late and there’s 500 pages of posts to read through to catch up and it’s too daunting.  I reckon the optimal time to link the blog around is when I’m officially starting my first project.  I might even make a separate blog for that, if I have a company website up, so that each game has it’s own blog section.

- Yarr