So my Blackberry Pearl has been acting up like crazy lately.  I’ve had it for like 3 years and it’s somehow survived this long, which is impressive, but it’s at the end of its rope.  Today the damn thing’s alarm didn’t even go off, so I woke up an hour late for class.  And then in rushing for class I accidentally left my backpack on the C-Train!  Epic fail!!  I’m usually so careful about making sure I have my stuff on me but I was tired and in a rush and just didn’t realize I wasn’t wearing my backpack.  I got halfway up the escalator at the station when I realized what happened and sprinted back down it only to get outside just in time to watch my train pull away.  Damn!

The good part is I had my laptop in a separate case so that was on me, but my backpack had my laptop’s battery charger and a super awesome mouse.  Plus my huge binder with all of my assignments and notes and schedules and everything for this course.  I grabbed the transit phone number off a schedule poster at the station and left a voicemail with the lost & found as I hoofed it the rest of the way to class.  My laptop had about 2 hours of life left so I backed up my business stuff to my Dropbox and sent an E-Mail to Calgary transit to make sure haha  What a way to start the week!

My phone was acting up all through class so after school I went to the Rogers store and switched over to use my iPhone 3gs instead of my Blackberry.  Nice and painless, you just switch the SIM card and it’s good to go.  The rest of the night I spent setting up my iPhone.  I love a lot of the features but I’m amazed at how some of the most obvious universal ones have been left out.  Custom ringtones, an indicator you’ve missed a message, etc.  Can’t see the logic in it but the other features make up for it.  I’ve got Dropbox, Evernote, RSS readers, Tweetdeck, WordPress, etc. going on it now.  I’m actually super impressed with the auto-correct…Blackberry’s was a fight to text through, having to constantly delete and re-type words it changed on me, but the iPhone tends to know what I’m trying to type even when my fingers are off a letter or two because of the lack of physical buttons to feel.  I bet I’ll be able to type pretty fast with this thing one day, haha

Class covered…uhhh…I don’t really remember, I was pretty pissed off about losing my backpack so I was kind of out of it.  I think we covered break-even analysis stuff in the morning (basically the projected point where your company should be breaking even and everything you make from there is profit, aka it’s a good thing), and the afternoon was psychological stuff.  Like what are your values, and how do you make decisions?  If you’re offered a job that takes you away from your family for half the year but pays you well, if your number 1 value is making money, you’re going to take the job.  If your number 1 value is family, you’re going to turn down the job.  But if your number 1 value is family but your number 2 value is making money, you’re going to have a huge internal struggle because those are your two most important values being pitted against eachother.

The higher up the value, the less likely the person is to be flexible on it.  If your number 10 value is making money, and your number 1 value is family, that far away job isn’t something you even remotely consider for more than a brief second.  When you don’t know your values, these decisions can be harder to make because you just struggle internally.  The guy with family valued high and money valued low doesn’t have to hesitate to make his decision, and doesn’t second-guess himself afterward because he has a solid sense of what his values are.

Here was my list:

1. Being happy day to day (I worked a shitty job before and was miserable on a daily basis.  Stayed up late because I hated knowing once I went to sleep the next thing I’d have to do is wake up and go to work.  I wished I could just keep hitting the Snooze button every morning)

2. New experiences/unpredictability (I like to be kept on my toes, you learn the most about yourself when you’re thrown into unexpected situations and have to handle them.  If you offer me the choice of moving to either a city I’ve lived in or a brand new city I will always choose the brand new city, just for the adventure of being somewhere new)

3. Living honestly (you might not always agree with my opinions or my outlook on life, but I’m not going to lie about the way I think/feel)

4. Do or do not, no wishy-washy decisions (nothing is worse than not making a decision, just look at the evidence and pick something…if you fuck up, you can always recover, it’s okay to make mistakes)

5. Independance (I don’t like being tied down, whether it’s to a house, a job, people, etc.  I can choose to stay in a situation, but I like it to be a choice)

6. People around me are happy (I like happy optimistic people, and I like to cheer people up when they’re feeling like shit.  Life’s too short for negativity, cheer up!)

7. Personal relationships (I’m actually pretty terrible at keeping in touch with people haha  I’m going to have to work on that in general, but it’s not uncommon for someone to not hear from me for months and then get an E-Mail from me out of the blue casually expecting to pick up where we left off)

8. Helping others (I dig it.  From solving computer problems to helping a friend get back on their feet to helping someone by writing a blog about my start-up adventure so they can avoid some of the mistakes I make or follow my lead where I’m successful haha)

9. Be flexible (always be willing to adapt to new situations and change.  If I had to, I could pack my stuff and move out of where I am now in a day.  If I had to, I could live off Mac & Cheese for a few months.  If I had to, I could re-think a game’s design so that it’s more fun.  When you lose the ability to be flexible, you’re forced into making less than optimal choices and have to take a more round-about route to your goals)

10. Be efficient (always look for ways to do things more efficiently, whether it’s finding software that can replace calculating figures by hand, or whether it’s keeping yourself from watching YouTube all day, or whether it’s keeping a To-Do list of tasks to make sure you get everything handled…I admit I still have trouble DOING this one, but it IS an important value to me haha  Of course there are exceptions, like blog posts where I blab on and on)

Oddly enough, stuff like family and financial security aren’t on there.  In fact, there’s no money related values on that list at all.  I suspect these things will both change.  In the future family will become more important to me, and with that I’ll need financial security.  But at this point in my life, I’m 29, single, independant, and am starting up after wasting years at a shitty job that made me unhappy…so right now my values are focused around taking risks to achieve happiness.  Cheesy, but important to me haha

- Yarr