Today we covered a ton of philosophical stuff on “if you hire cheap labor in some faraway place, does making more money for your investors and community justify encouraging some guy in India making $1/day”.  Or like, “if your accountant says financially you need to either make more money or fire someone,” what would you do?  Lots of talk about politics and democracies and stuff…honestly I’m not very into this stuff.  I don’t really follow politics and while I like discussing the philosophical mulling over of how we each handle difficult situations, it’s been my experience that you can say what you want but it’s when push comes to shove that you actually learn what you’d really do…so why debate it in advance?  haha

As part of my “research the competition” assignment I Googled “game developers in Calgary” and found out there’s actually a good handful of ‘em, to my surprise.  The IGDA (International Games Developer Assosciation) has a chapter here that’s just getting it’s groove on again and I found out there’s a huge Global Game Jam where basically people all over the world take 48 hours and join together in teams to create a game in 2 days, based off a concept/idea given to them only once the clock starts counting down.  I did a few “no sleep game dev” competitions way back when I was growing up and they were always a blast.  It’s good to throw yourself into stressful situations once in a while and put your skills to the test.  Plus having a deadline encourages you to actually finish something.  A lot of indie dev’s have the problem of starting projects but not really setting solid goals, and any goals they DO set don’t have any real consequences (if you work for yourself, even if you SHOULD get up at 8am you can sleep in till noon…if you work for an employer, sleeping in till noon gets you fired so you wake up).  So it can be difficult to actually finish a project…I can’t even count how many hobby games I’ve started and not finished, haha  So I’m hoping I can participate in the jam, worst-case you get to meet a bunch of other like-minded people and bitch together about your epically failed project over a jug of beer after haha

Great group of developers, everyone was super friendly and are all kind of in the same headspace.  It’s funny how similar all our stories are…interested since we were kids, stuck doing crappy boring jobs, ending up teaching ourselves gamedev on the side, and then deciding to give it a bigger go once we know what we’re doing.  I was going to go through and link everyone’s sites and stuff but it looks like there’s going to be some kind of group blog or “gathering of everyone’s info” going on for IGDA Calgary soon so I’ll just wait till that’s up and link it up!

I had to bail early because I had a prior engagement, and that prior engagement had boobies, haha  But I’ll definately be going to the next meeting!  And now back to homework, gahhh!!

- Yarr