We hit the public library to research today.  It’s crazy how old-tech those things are these days.  The librarian was showing us how to search the library computers and it would spit back like 3 links, 2 of which weren’t really relevant to the search.  The Internet has changed things so much!  The cool part was the newspaper catalogues…you can read a dozen daily newspapers in India if you want.

For starting a game company the library is pretty useless.  There are books on “Starting an eBusiness” from 2002 that talk about using fancy new technologies like E-Mail mailing lists to advertise your products and to make sure your website is compatible with Netscape haha

I ended up bailing after the tour thing because the wifi at the library requires a library card and a library card is $12.  This course is offered through Alberta’s Employment insurance program, so I’m actually getting paid to take it (and succeed in starting a business of course haha).  I have to live off $800/mo for the next 6 months!  Rent is $600 so I gotta save where I can.

So instead of paying the $12 I hoofed it a few blocks up the street to the business district in Calgary and hit a food court and set up my “office” there haha free Wifi, big glass windows with a gorgeous view of water fountains and the city skyline, and a bunch of gorgeous business girls strolling past me…heaven!

I think I might do that again!  There’s even places with big poofy comfy leather couches and stuff:

“Where’s your office?”

“Beside the Taco Bell in the food court.”


- Yarr