Apparently before going ahead with a game dev company you want to find out if it’s actually feasable.  Well, according to the negative numbers across the board in the “Net profit/loss” row on these reports we looked up in class today, Industry Canada says it’s impossible haha  Fortunately I think it’s safe to say that if I can cut down on some of the Expenses listed (like Rent if I’m working from home and Delivery Expenses if I’m distributing everything digitally, and whatever falls under that giant Other Expenses category) and I tackle things strategically (good marketing, low dev time/costs by making simpler games, port games to multiple systems, etc.), I should be alright.

The goal is to make a bunch of small games which probably won’t make much money but will get a logo/brand out there, and slowly build up from there till I have a handful of passive income streams keeping things afloat enough to start making bigger, cooler games.  Due to the restrictions of the course (forcing a fast launch), I’m going to have to pump games out extremely quickly (talking 2 week to a month MAX dev time), but that’s alright…it’ll force me to learn the platform and general process quickly and minimize the damage if the game doesn’t sell much.  I’m playing a very strategic juggling game here, but it makes sense in my head from a logical perspective.  I’m fine with making small simple games right now if it means down the road I can have free creative reign, I’m all sorts of patient.

…plus working for 2 weeks on a simple but fun and totally “of my own creation” game is a billion times better than 8 months working on some shitty game I don’t care about that everyone in the company knows will score a 3/10 haha

Today we covered the ins and outs of researching for our Business Plans.  Downloading Evernote turned out to be a ridiculously good idea…it makes saving and organizing the resources I’m collecting phenominally easy.  I’m pretty sure I’ll fill up the free 40MB limit fast and as cheap as I am, I can’t honestly say I won’t end up paying for the premium service down the road.  It’s just so convenient!

The research is interesting.  Your business type decided what method you’re going to have to research.  Most bookkeepers don’t keep blogs with statistics on their business profits and demographics and everything so it’s difficult to find that information.  Whereas I have the reverse problem, the game industry has too MUCH information…everyone in it is Internet savvy, so while there’s a bunch of statistics and reports and post-mortems and everything out there, it’s difficult to sift through it all for what’s 1) actually legit data and not just a random bloggers opinion, and 2) what’s relevant to my actual business.  Plus you look at an article like “Apple sells 11 million more iPhones than Google sells Androids!” and it’s a page long, but there are 400 comments below of people arguing back and forth about the stats in the article and where they come from and how biased they are and they have a dozen links to other articles and blogs with conflicting stats, etc. etc.  It’s like, shit, how do I narrow down some solid info to base my Business Plan on?

I actually kind of dig researching though.  It’s basically what I do all day anyway…type a few words into a search engine about a topic I’m curious about, then bookmark a bunch of pages and follow the links in those pages and bookmark those (as if I’m going to one day go “you know, I really want to re-read that article with the Top 20 iPhone apps in 2009!” haha), then follow more and more “kind of related” links finding a bunch of stuff I wasn’t looking for but was excited to find because it was interesting regardless, and then bookmarking a bunch of pages on these new subjects, until next thing I know I’m reading an article on how candles are made.

Tomorrow we’re hitting up the public library to do some old-school book-learnin’ research.  Unfortunately because the iPhone game industry is so new I’m doubting there’ll be many books there with useful stats/data.  I’ll probably end up bringing my laptop and searching through sites like Gamasutra for my info!

And I haven’t thrown new art up in a while so here’s some quick fan-art of Upgrade, an upcoming game from Halbot, which is a game company started up by a couple buddies I used to work with!  Check ‘em out!

art, anime, drawing, halfbot, upgrade

Also if they happen to stumble across this, thanks to Debbi for the cupcakes and Megan for the beef jerky and dessert at school today haha

- Yarr