Today was more of a focus on the psychological side of things.  How we learn as students, what personality types we are and how we can benefit from that knowledge with regards to running a business.  A focus on our strengths and weaknesses and how to spot and fix those weaknesses.  I actually wasn’t expecting much from this day but came out with a lot of good info and perspective.

We also did an excercise demonstrating how severe the problems can be with a lack of communication from the “Visionary” to the “Constructors” at the bottom of the chain.  Most companies have bloated “Messengers” in-between trying to explain to Constructors what the Visionary wants and not surprisingly things get complicated from there.  I imagine Hideo Kojima and Shigeru Miyamoto both take a stroll around the office at times to check on their games and make sure things are how they envision, VS the boss that stays locked in his office relying on his “Messengers” for usually unreliable/biased information.

It was interesting stuff to me.  I’m big on communication within a team.  Daily Scrums and stuff so everyone knows what’s going on…sure the programmer doesn’t NEED to know what the artist is working on, and the artist doesn’t NEED to know what the programmer is working on, but if they at least get the jist of it, a bunch of time and confusion can be saved when their areas of the project start overlapping.  I think the best part to me so far is that everything I’m learning about the proper method of doing things is stuff that I already planned to do…I keep running into re-enforcement that my ideas are sound and I’m in the right headspace, haha

No homework yet, but I think it’s about to start up hardcore soon.  Tons and tons and tons of research coming up.  I’m not a big fan of formal research (having to document all the websites and articles you find) because it’s so slow to do VS just skimming articles and getting the “jist”, but it’s probably going to be super important.  If this wasn’t a class exercise, I would probably just out-source the research haha  Why spend hours of my own time looking up sales statistics when I can pay someone a bit of money to spend their time doing it, freeing up my time to work on other parts of the project?  But I actually want to go through the course and learn the skills for my own personal growth so I wouldn’t do that…I just like to think up ways to do things more efficiently for the future.

- Yarr