Just got back from attending E3.  It was a great show, tons of cool stuff to check out (including the booth babes, haha).  My liver is still shaking from all the free NOS.  I don’t collect much SWAG and wasn’t looking forward to waiting in the super long lines, but I did get to check out some cool stuff I wanted to see.  Marvel VS Capcom 3 looks awesome.  I got to try out 3d glasses/screens for gaming (it’s like the tech you see in 3d movies now where the screen is blurry if you look at it without glasses).  It looks super awesome but there was a little flicker in the glasses and by it’s nature you couldn’t have a whole room of people watching you play without having a bunch of headsets for them, so I don’t know if it’s all quite “there” yet to me.  It’s great to see the tech coming along though…I want my virtual reality dammit!

Popped by the IndieCade section to check out the indie devs since I’m hoping to become one down the road.  Lot of cool game ideas there…there was one game that plays in “4 dimensions”, and another that reads gamma waves in your brain as you play.  Surreal stuff haha  It’s good to see people experimenting with new ideas, and to see that E3 supports them enough to give them their own space in the show.  This is a good time to be an indie dev, there are a ton of platforms you can easily get your game onto VS the 90s when you had to go through publishers to get any exposure.

All in all it was a great show.  Some friends and I hit Vegas for a couple days before the show…but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, haha

- Yarr